SEO for video ranking

There is no magic formula to getting your video ranked highly. what you need to do is help the search engines find your promotion.

When you have a video that is ranked highly you will gain a lot of traffic going to your content

1. Thumbnail image

By using a file name that has your keyword contained as your image name, you gain again as you have the ability to make your thumbnail exciting and keyword relevant. This has the ability to increase more clicks, remember to keep the video thumbnail relevant to the video content. A size of 160 to hundred and 20 in any standard picture format will do the trick.

2. Correctly name original file

Name your original file with the keyword description, this is your raw upload file name.

3. The title tag

Make sure that you have the same name in the title tag as your keyword theme if your Niche web video is about video marketing. Tag the tittle “video marketing.”

4. Video marketing and ranking your video

By using the term video at the end, or beginning of the title ensures that the percentage of searches that are looking videos in particular, for an on-topic search term IE “Web traffic and conversion video” will type this in and you are found easier

Keywords stuffing does not work in any sort of SEO, just make your content and description to the video relevant to the subject matter, you know your market audience and niche, create compelling content on a keyword theme. If you create a video with interesting content. It has the ability to go viral, no boring material needed

5. Create a Video Sitemap –

Google is looking at video site maps more and more favorably to the extent that if you don’t have a video site map get onto it now.

This can be fairly complex to set up, but the information at Google webmasters has constant updates. Two Australian guys have great content on setting this up, and have a great tool to get Yahoo and Google to index your videos.

A video site map is designed to catalogue the content of your video including the size, the category, if it’s family-friendly etc. etc.

When the search engines, robot crawl your website, and the video site map has all the requirements needed, you will get your video ranked. Like all indexed content once the the video is included in the video content you can now be found in the universal search engine.

It appears if you snag a top Google Video ranking it will give your keyword a top universal search ranking they will include your video.The techniques that are individual to getting YouTube video is ranked not covered here, even though some of the basic basic methods are the same.


many thanks to SapphireSEO for this!