One of the most widely debated topics which has the editing world buzzing is whether to go from Final Cut Pro 7 to FCP X or Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s one I’ve struggled with a lot over the last few months. I’ve still been editing on FCP 7, but also knowing that no more updates or are coming for the FCP 7 I felt like i was on a sinking ship, so I’ve dabbled with FCP X. I edited 5 or 6 projects on FCP X, delving into forums and youtube to work out how do to most things every step of the way. It’s not been an easy process. FCP X does have it’s flaws but for short form editing it’s pretty good. HOWEVER, when it came to sending the project around or collaborating it is a nightmare. I”m sure there are ways to share FCPX projects with Prem Pro, but most of the production houses i work with are switching to PP CS6. When it comes to editingĀ  running with the heard is a very useful thing!

So as an Apple fan i feel i gave FCPX as much of a chance as i could but with the latest CS6 release, adobe have shamelessly copied almost everything that people liked about FCPX, such as hover scrubbing and warp or steadycam effects, background rendering, multi cam and more. Take into account the better video integration with photoshop CS6 and it’s very hard to come up with a convincing argument to use FCPX. Still a couple of things missing that stand out, but I would love it if CS6 Premiere pro would add a way to sync multiple cameras footage using the audio, a bit like pluraleyes, also if they had a colour (or color for the US) match function.Going on Adobe’s latest upgrade, it also looks like any great innovation FCP may come up with in the future will ‘inspire’ a similar improvement in CS6 and possibly beimproved upon by Adobe, so i feel like I’m in safe hands. Don’t let me down Adobe.