All In One solution

Adverts, Instructional DVD's, TV, Graphics, Editing- all in house on the Sunshine Coast.

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Filming on the Sunshine Coast

Raw Food School, using all the organic produce they grow, chef Brad creates incredible dishes.

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Noise- Cut Above It with Originality

If you would like your promotional campaign to look like everything else out there then in marketing terms this is called 'adding to the…

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Converting Video advice- A free piece of simple software

With Apple loving their own formats and video being outputted in so many different format, getting the right kind of file for your needs…

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iPhone Tripod Stands and adapters

The HD video capabilities of the iphone 4 has given small handy cams some serious competition. However if you want to really film…

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New Showreel- WBM

We've finally got around to updating the showreel. please feel free to check it our and see what we've been up to:

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