Everyone is a video creator nowadays, so is videography as a career dead?

here are some pieces of advice that may help you:
Learn the technical aspects of videography: Understanding the technical aspects of videography

Why should a Brand or Business consider a TV Show Pilot

"Why should a business consider a TV show pilot?" - Benefits of a TV show pilot for brand marketing, such as increasing brand exposure and creating emotional connections with customers.

The single most common mistake made before creating a brand video.

'Forewarned is forearmed'. If you are considering making a brand video for your website or social or...anything quite honestly, please take the time to sit down with us and talk video marketing strategy.

Video Advertising On Social Media Is Crucial For Small Businesses

Mark Zuckerberg said last year that video is a mega trend

We Can Help Apply for the $10,000 Government Grant for Small Businesses

You can receive up to $10,000 in matched funding from the QLD government when apply for the Small Business Digital Grant

The secret to video marketing and Online Video statistics for 2010

The secret to video marketing and Online Video statistics for 2010

iPad editing tools for video and Colour Correction

iPad editing tools for video and Colour Correction or Colour correction, audio editing and final cut pro tools.

Bluebottle jellyfish photography

Great photography by Duncan Macfarlane of these painful but pretty jellyfish.

Video Advertising in Trade Shows : Tips on Making a Successful Video Production

A custom designed plan for identifying target audience, ascertaining their needs and outlook, judging their accessibility to the content, content relevance, creative and innovative integration of storyboarding and necessary technical support with latest web technology know-how and infrastructure makes for effective trade show video advertising.

Starbucks gets a nameless logo redesign

Starbucks gets a nameless logo redesign

Queensland Floods

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Top Viral Video and Tips for video

Top Viral Video and Tips for video

How to Support Julian Assange

How to Support Julian Assange & Wikileaks/Free Speech

How to improve your Google Places Ranking

How to improve your Google Places Ranking

Full Blu Ray Solutions at WBM

We sat on the fence of blu ray (not blue ray) but discovered there are some crazy prices out there for blu ay duplication. So we now have full blu ray production solutions at the WBM studios.

Let us know if you need short or long run orders.

New Showreel- WBM

We've finally got around to updating the showreel. please feel free to check it our and see what we've been up to:

iPhone Tripod Stands and adapters

The HD video capabilities of the iphone 4 has given small handy cams some serious competition. However if you want to really film something great a tripod is essential to take any of the shaky 'amateur' look away. I"ve been looking around for a tripod adapter for the iPhone and the best looking one I've found may not be for sale just yet. It's called the i Phone 4 GLIF.

I did also come across a very innovative and almost free work around with elastic bands which made me chuckle: DIY iPhone Tripod Adapter

Converting Video advice- A free piece of simple software

With Apple loving their own formats and video being outputted in so many different format, getting the right kind of file for your needs has become a tricky business.

If you google 'video converter' you'll be given millions of different options and despite having some cutting edge editing software here at the Wild Bunch office, we were after a simple program that converted without losing quality. After much looking, professional networking and finally trail and error we found MPEG STREAMCLIP. It;s free, converts to and from. If you have an old video, apple tv or pretty much any format this easy to use piece of software is a must for professionals and households having compatibility issues.

Noise- Cut Above It with Originality

If you would like your promotional campaign to look like everything else out there then in marketing terms this is called 'adding to the noise'. A 'Fresh Approach' is slung around media companies, but we genuinely offer a product that will cut above the noise. Calling on our experience gathered many different countries on a variety of advertising campaigns, we know what works. So we don't try to re-invent the wheel, but using tried and tested online and mainstream marketing methods, we can gaurantee to make an eye catching memorable promo campaign for you that will be seen.

If you're looking for adverting, promo campaigns, graphics or photography on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane Contact us to find out more.

Filming on the Sunshine Coast

Raw Food School, using all the organic produce they grow, chef Brad creates incredible dishes.

All In One solution

Adverts, Instructional DVD's, TV, Graphics, Editing- all in house on the Sunshine Coast.