Buderim Ginger

Buderim Ginger is Australia’s largest processor and exporter of ginger but they happen to based just near our Noosa office, so it was a real pleasure to work with them in this video production.
We created a video campaign to tie in with big rebrand and the launch of a new range of products. We developed a concept that would put the recipe and product at the foreground of the video and photography rather than a presenter led video. This way we were able to use appealing onscreen text and graphics, also put together some tasty recipes with acclaimed food stylist Jaime Reyes.

We also added ‘in linking’ and some end roll to the YouTube videos. A technique that encourages viewers to engage, subscribe and visit more content without being distracted by other YouTube advertising. You’ll need to visit Buderim Ginger’s YT channel to see it: https://youtu.be/eFlIyo701N4

This formula of filming recipes proved to be a very efficient, fast and budget aware style. No scripts, sound recording or fumbling lines, just a well planned effective online campaign supported by our photographers work for the website recipes.

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