4 ingredients reality show

Creating a cooking show can be a complex and challenging process, but I don’t want to put anyone off trying to do it. In fact there has never been a better time to create content and it can be rewarding both personally and financially. I will walk you through the basic steps we took to create “4 Ingredients – The Easiest Cooking Show Ever” for Foxtel hosted by Kim McCosker.

First off there is a real chicken egg if you are not a tried and tested production company.  We didn’t have a network home for this show when we started the process which is a huge risk as you will need funding. So it’s pretty hard getting investment even when your show has been optioned, so be prepared to stump up some cash personally, work for free or dust off those serious sales skills going!

Step 1: Concept Development and PITCH DECK: The first step in creating any TV show is to develop a compelling concept. For our show, we wanted to create a cooking program that was accessible and easy to follow. We decided to focus on recipes that use only four ingredients, which would make them simple to prepare and accessible to even the most novice cooks. We then create a pitch deck to send around Networks and Distributors than presents the show in a simple and relatable way.

Step 2: Pre-Production Once we had our concept, we began planning the show’s production. This involved developing a format for each episode, identifying the necessary crew and equipment, and scouting locations for filming.

Step 3: Casting We had a host who was amazing and had huge experience after selling more than 9 million cook books globally. We auditioned several candidates before choosing our host, who had the perfect combination of these qualities.

Step 4: Filming The most important part Filming a cooking show is careful planning and coordination, this will save you so much expense and time in post! We filmed in a professional kitchen with a full production crew, including camera operators, sound technicians, and lighting experts. Our host demonstrated each recipe step-by-step, explaining the process as she went along. We also filmed close-up shots of the ingredients and the finished dishes to give viewers a better understanding of each recipe. We then went on the road to film the B Roll or Cutaways.

Step 5: Post-Production:

Once filming was complete, we moved on to post-production. We had a team of editors who worked on each episode, making sure that the pacing was right and that the content was engaging. We also added graphics and music to enhance the viewing experience. We then worked with Foxtel to finalise the show and prepare it for broadcast. There are quite a few broadcast parameters such as colour levels, audio levels, format, independent sound tracks, trailers and loads more which all have to be Quality Assured by the internal Foxtel team.

Step 6: Launch:

Finally, it was time to launch the show! We worked pretty much independently and leveraged our network to get some PR and new coverage to promote the show across various channels, including social media and traditional advertising. We also made sure that the show would eventually be on Foxtel’s streaming service so that viewers could watch it whenever they wanted.

We have now successfully created 4 x reality shows for various networks such as SBS, Amazon, Foxtel and also had the shows sold globally. If you have an idea for a show and need a hand developing a pitch deck then get in touch. We’d love to help!

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