At Wild Bunch Media we’ve been able to create multiple Pilots and TV Shows for businesses to help build their brand successfully reach huge audiences at unprecedented level . But it’s a hard nut crack getting an idea optioned by a TV Network. However let me tell you a secret…. either way you end up with enough footage to create an epic Brand Hero Video for about the same cost as making a brand hero video!

Here are a few reasons brands should consider a Reality TV Show.

A business should consider a TV show pilot if they want to:

  1. Increase brand exposure: A TV show pilot can provide a unique opportunity for a business to showcase their brand, products or services to a wider audience. It can be an effective way to generate buzz and increase brand exposure.
  2. Build brand identity: A well-executed TV show pilot can help a business build a distinct brand identity and personality that resonates with its target audience.
  3. Establish thought leadership: A TV show pilot can position a business as a thought leader in their industry or field, showcasing their expertise and unique perspectives.
  4. Develop new revenue streams: If a TV show pilot is successful, it can generate revenue through advertising, sponsorships or licensing deals.
  5. Differentiate from competitors: A TV show pilot can help a business stand out from its competitors by providing a unique and engaging way to tell its story and showcase its products or services.
  6. Create emotional connections with customers: A well-crafted TV show pilot can create emotional connections with customers by telling compelling stories, providing entertainment and inspiration, and helping customers relate to the brand on a deeper level.

So what can you do with the footage if it doesn’t get commissioned for TV?

There are several ways a reality TV show and Pilot can be repurposed:

  1. Social media content: Clips and highlights from the show can be shared on social media platforms to generate buzz, engage audiences and drive traffic to the show’s website or streaming platform.
  2. Behind-the-scenes content: Behind-the-scenes content can be repurposed into short-form video content or photo galleries, providing fans with a deeper look into the making of the show.
  3. Extended content: Additional content, such as unaired footage or interviews with the cast, can be repurposed into additional episodes, bonus features or digital content for fans who want to engage more deeply with the show.
  4. Brand partnerships: Brands can partner with the show to create co-branded content or promotions that leverage the show’s audience.
  5. Spin-offs: If the show is successful, it can be used as a springboard for spin-offs, creating new content that explores different aspects of the original show’s concept or characters.
  6. Licensing: If the show has developed strong characters, settings or concepts, these elements can be licensed for use in other media, such as books, games or merchandise.

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